2018 Actuarial Exam Changes: Dates for Last Current & First New Syllabus Sittings

We're listing below the last time the current SOA and CAS preliminary actuarial exams will be administered before the curriculum changes, and the first time the new exam or new syllabus will be administered after the curriculum changes.

Exam P: Last sitting of current syllabus, July 2018
First sitting of new syllabus, September 2018

Exam FM: Last sitting of current syllabus, August 2018
First sitting of new syllabus, October 2018

Exam MFE: Last sitting of current syllabus, March 2018
Exam IFM: (replacement for MFE) First sitting of new exam, July 2018

Exam MLC: Last sitting of current syllabus, April 2018
Exam LTAM: (replacement for MLC) First sitting of new exam, October 2018

Exam C: Last sitting of current syllabus, June 2018
Exam STAM: (replacement for C) First sitting of new exam, October 2018

Exam SRM: (Statistics for Risk Modeling, new curriculum component) First sitting of new exam, September 2018

Exam PA (Predictive Analytics, new curriculum component): First sitting of new assessment/proctored project, November or December 2018 (not final yet)

CAS Exam S: Last sitting of current exam, October 26, 2017

CAS Exam MAS-I: (old CAS S) First sitting of new exam, May 2018

CAS Exam MAS-II: (old CAS 4) First sitting of new exam, November 2018

For more details, visit our 2018 Exam Changes page.