New Digital Content Reader

We'll soon be rolling out a new digital content reader to our customers. Our Digital Manuals will be Easier to Access & have More Features! 

When the new reader becomes available, digital manuals will be accessible from any device, online or off-line. Just visit the My Account/My Learning Tools section of the ACTEX|Mad River Books website to begin studying! Our new eReader will allow you to write and print notes, comments & annotations as well as underline, cross out, and highlight text. Licenses are available in 12-month, and for select products, 6-month terms*.

PLUS! Some of our preliminary exam manuals will have 3-month and 6-month license extensions (without printing access), offered exclusively through the My Learning Tools platform.

Terms & Conditions of our Digital Manuals:

  • Accessible through your ACTEX | Mad River Books account/web browser, offline via a FREE desktop player (required for printing - 12-month licenses ONLY), & online or offline via a FREE mobile application
  • Compatile with PC, mac, Android or iPhone
  • One User per license allowed; no transfers, exchanges or returns. (Sharing and/or resale is prohibited)
  • Print up to 30% of the manual (total) with the 12-month license.  *Printing is not authorized for the 6-month license or extensions.
  • Access to content on up to four devices
  • Use off-line for up to 5 days at a time
  • No Returns

Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us!