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Critical Feedback is the Key to Excellence

The speed at which the world changes seems to move at a faster pace all the time. The same holds true in the business world — speed is everything, technology is everywhere, and it affects everyone at every level. But, no matter how many things change, and no matter how quickly, there are some…

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This Skill Sets Some Actuaries Apart from the Rest, and Lacking It Holds Others Back

In The Influential Actuary: How Actuaries and Other Technically-Oriented Professionals Set Themselves Apart, author Dave Miller interviewed four actuaries who, in his estimation, achieved great status in their careers and made tremendous impact both in their organizations and the industry. Among…

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Actuarial Communication Webinar Series

There are two primary skills actuaries must master if they are to be effective with others: Deep Listening and Asking Effective Questions. This may seem obvious, but most of us are woefully lacking in our listening and inquiry skills. We often resort to making statements and opinions in an effort…

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