The Actuarial Checklist: An Actuary's Professionalism Security Blanket

Guest Post by Stephen Camilli, FSA, President, ACTEX Learning

After reading Jay Jaffe’s review of Atul Gawande’s seminal book, The Checklist Manifesto, I had to read the book for myself, and it did not disappoint! I also wanted to hear more from Jay about how checklists that resulted in greater safety, efficiency and standardization in aviation, medicine, construction and investing could somehow improve the professionalism and effectiveness of an actuary’s daily practice. Out of a phone conversation about this topic, an idea for a webinar was born, and I’m excited to share with you both Jay’s excellent book review as well as information about his upcoming ACTEX Webinar on how checklists can be used to improve your professional practice and ASOP’s on December 5th at 1:00.  Hope to see you there!

Click here to read Jay Jaffe's Book Review of The Checklist Manifesto (PDF Download)

Jay Jaffe, FSA, MAAA, is President of Actuarial Enterprises, Ltd. He provides actuarial and marketing consulting services to insurance companies, banks, and insurance agencies/TPA’s, and has over forty years of experience. In addition to being a frequent speaker at actuarial meetings, Jay has made presentations to numerous insurance and marketing conferences throughout North American, Europe, and Australia as well as at several CCIA actuarial meetings. He has been a frequent author for Bests, Direct Marketing, The National Underwriter and several actuarial publications.

Because of Jay’s experience in both actuarial science and marketing, he provides a very unique perspective to his insurance clients. He is particularly adept at developing new and innovative insurance products and programs. One of his best known concepts is the “Dog Bone New Product Rating System” which he presented at a PIMA meeting several years ago. Click here to learn about and register for his upcoming ACTEX eLearning Webinar,  The Actuarial Checklist: An Actuary's Professionalism Security Blanket.