Enrolled Actuaries Rejoice! Physical Presence Requirement for Formal CPE Credit to be Waived

As most actuaries know, maintaining one's credentials is no easy task, and the current pandemic has not made doing so any easier. For enrolled actuaries in particular, the physical presence requirement for earning formal CPE credit has been a limiting factor. In light of this fact, the Joint Board has decided to temporarily waive this requirement. 

"The Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries today provided enrolled actuaries with notice that it is waiving the physical presence requirement for continuing professional education (CPE) credit for any formal programs conducted from January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2022"

What does this mean for ACTEX customers? Two things:

  1. All future ACTEX webinars, up to 12/31/22, will be eligible for formal credit, provided you are able to verify your attendance with two other individuals significantly involved with pension work who are also participating in the zoom session.
  2. Webinars hosted between 1/1/2020 and the current date will be retroactively eligible for formal EA credit. 

If you received informal credit for any of the following webinars, that credit can be converted to formal credit, provided you are able to verify that you meet the requisites outlined by the Joint Board.

Note that this credit upgrade applies only to those who attended the live webinar on the day it was held. Those who purchase the webinar recording will be ineligible for formal credit, as recordings do not meet the second formal credit requirement of a live Q&A session with the presenter.

If you would like to retroactively claim formal credit for any of the webinars listed, please contact ACTEX customer service at onlinecourses@actexmadriver.com

ACTEX offers a wide variety of webinars eligible for varying amounts of credit hours. For a list of all upcoming ACTEX webinars and their credit/hours eligibility, please visit our site at actexmadriver.com/CPD