6 Things Actuarial Students Should be Doing This Summer


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For most actuarial students today, their first actuarial job is the hardest one to get.  The number of students applying for entry-level actuarial job openings in the US and Canada is at or near an all-time high. In today’s entry-level job market, actuarial students must take a number of very important steps to get hired.

The Fall semester is a critical time for college and university students seeking to enter the actuarial field. Many insurance and consulting companies conduct interviews and extend offers in the Fall for internships and jobs beginning the following summer.

If you are a rising sophomore, junior, or senior who will be interviewing this fall, we're offering a free on demand webinar covering tips on:

  • What employers are looking for when hiring for internships and full-time positions?
  • How important is passing 1, 2 or more actuarial exams?
  • How can I stand out during the recruiting process?
  • How do I begin a search?

Other topics include:

  • Passing Exams
  • Developing Difference Making Technical Skills
  • Pursuing Communication & Leadership Opportunities
  • Résumé and Interview Skill Development
  • Learning Everything You Can About the Profession, Career and Product Areas
  • Formulate a Search Strategy

Who Should Attend This Webinar?

  • Actuarial students who are planning to apply for internships or entry-level actuarial positions in the US or Canada.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of the session, attendees will be able to:

  1. Understand the key aspects of “building your brand”; the skills and knowledge that employers are looking for when hiring entry-level actuarial students.
  2. Develop their own plan of action, based on their own personal circumstances, to make them more attractive to employers and get hired.

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