Why ASA Candidates Should Complete the VEE Statistics Credit ASAP

Changes to the SOA requirements to obtain an ASA are coming in 2018.  For students who are not on track to obtain their Associate credential by June 2018, new components will be required.

When students ask us what they can do to prepare for the changes, one recommendation is to consider completing your VEE credit in Applied Statistics. Students who complete this credit by July 1, 2018 for the current VEE Applied Statistics will earn credit for the requirements for both the new for 2018 Statistics for Risk Modeling (SRM) Exam and the new for 2018 Mathematical Statistics VEE. Please note that you'll still have to apply for the credit from the SOA.

The current Applied Statistics VEE has two components: Time Series and Regression Analysis. We offer convenient online courses for those two components separately, and an Applied Statistics course that covers both components.

One thing to keep in mind is that because the new SRM (Statistics for Risk Modeling) Exam is a pre-requisite for the Predictive Analytics assessment, so even if you receive a transition credit, you'll still want to study the readings on the SRM syllabus as you prep for the Predictive Analytics component.

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From our students:

"Dr. Perry, I recently finished your applied statistics VEE through ACTEX. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you! Having the flexibility of taking the class at my own pace with my work schedule was huge for me. The structure of the class had a great flow to it and your instructor notes were extremely helpful for learning the material with a nice touch of personality that a textbook lacks. As I'm pushing to fulfill all of my ASA requirements before the curriculum change, I'll be taking both the economics and corporate finance VEEs...Thanks for putting together such a great class!" - Terry Fuller

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